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Would they hide me?

Watching and collecting YouTube videos is one of my main “hobbies”, time-killers or diversions after a long day of work.

I store many playlists and many videos there. I have a special private playlist named “gems”, in which I store my most favorite videos. Videos I often watch multiple times.

One of the things I love about YouTube is how pervasive it it. Everyone all over the world is watching things on YouTube. Sometimes you find a video with someone talking about something they watched on the Internet. Sure enough, they probably mean YouTube. The cool thing is that you can just go and search for that video and find it yourself to watch in it’s original version.

Another playlist I keep in there is simply called “warren”. In this playlist I keep my ongoing list of Warren Buffett content. I’m a huge admirer of Buffett’s work and life teachings.

My favorite Warren Buffett video actually surfaced after discovering it from another video. On the TODAY show, out of nowhere, I watched Hoda Kotb talking about this Warren Buffett story and video…

Then I went looking for it. This is the original video from Buffett himself:

On the Internet the full source and context of video content is often lost. So I want to add as much information as possible of when and where this happened — in case you find this post out of nowhere, and want to research more yourself in the future; or who knows, if YouTube disappears one day.

The video excerpt is from an interview/event organized by Fortune Magazine in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2013.

Buffett sat down with Pattie Sellers to discuss the changing landscape for women in business on that event. He also published an essay for Fortune about being bullish on women. He also Tweeted for the first time (and probably his last time on Twitter).

Pattie Sellers then published an article highlighting her favorite moment from the event. You guest it right. It’s the same moment Hoda Kotb watched on YouTube several years later. The same video I’m sharing with you now in this post.

In this video Warren Buffett is giving his advise on how to measure success in life.

He answered this question from a University of Nebraska student:

How do you define success?

“You will measure your success in life by how many [..] whether it’s the people you want at 70 or whatever the age may be [..], you’ll measure by how many of them really love you, you know, in the end. You can’t buy love.

Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO.

In the interview, Buffett went on to explain that he learned the meaning of success from a friend, a polish jew, and Auschwitz survivor.

She once told Buffett that when she looks at people, the question she asks herself when determining who she trusts as friends.. the one question in her mind is: “Would they hide me?”

Buffett goes on… “Now, when you get to be 70, if you got a lot of people who would hide you, you’ve had a successful life”

A powerful and simple image, message and reminder for how to look at life; and what really matters in the end.

I thought it was worth sharing.

If you want to see Hoda’s version, you can watch it here as well: