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Year: 2018

You Do What You Are

Alex Cross: You do what you are Jezzie.

Jezzie Flannigan: You mean you are what you do.

Alex Cross: No, I mean, you do what you are. You’re born with a gift. If not that, then you get good at something along the way. And what you’re good at, you don’t take for granted. You don’t betray it.

Jezzie Flannigan: What if you do, betray your gift?

Alex Cross: Then you betray yourself. That’s a sad thing.

Along Came a Spider (2001)


Jaron Lanier and the ideas of Ted Nelson

Jaron Lanier on connected media, hyperlinks, Ted Nelson, universal micro-payments, and attribution.

This video is an excerpt from Seeing Science Through Fiction. Full video available here.

The urgency of doing

Brendan Eich – How to fix the web

Jeremy Keith – Taking Back The Web

Presentation slide-deck: speakerdeck.com/adactio/taking-back-the-web

Academic research is publicly funded — why isn’t it publicly available?

In the US, your taxes fund academic research at public universities. Why then do you need to pay expensive, for-profit journals for the results of that research? Erica Stone advocates for a new, open-access relationship between the public and scholars, making the case that academics should publish in more accessible media.

The last voice you hear

And may you live to be 150 years old, and the last voice you hear is mine.

— Frank Sinatra

Ikigai – a reason for being

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