Louis CK and technology

Five videos with Louis CK and his opinions about technology and our lives.

Louis CK is my favorite comedian. I love watching his specials and appearances on TV shows, listening to podcasts and radio shows that he participates… just laughing and learning from his unique mind and perspective.

I’m also a fan of technology and I honestly believeĀ Louie has some of the best material and opinions about this topic. In fact, most people probably don’t remember now, but Louie started to get more attention and recognition after a specific interview with ConanĀ O’Brien, in October of 2008, while talking about technology (shortly after the economic crisis).

The original video “Everything is amazing and nobody is happy” went viral on YouTube a few months later (in March of 2009), and it was taken dow after a while. There’s an interview with Louie in “The Opie and Anthony Show” about this episode (you can also buy it on Audible.com).

In the following years Louie became one of the most successful comedians of our generation, and has received numerous awards and worldwide acclaim.

More importantly, Louie also has changed the interaction between the artist and the audience in a digital world, experimenting with a direct-to-consumer platform of his own control (this topic probably deserves a separate post). At any rate, for me, it is fascinating to watch his evolution as an artist and his perspective about technology.

Therefore, in this post I’ll share 5 videos that I love, with Louie speaking about technology (including the one I mentioned above).


Everything Is Amazing And Nobody Is Happy (2008)


Social Media (Hates Twitter – 2011)


The Cloud (2012)


Cell Phones (2013) – my favorite in this list.


Quitting The Internet (2016)


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